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Rather, determinations of suitability based on CORI checks will be made consistent with this policy and any applicable law or regulations.

The law requires certified agencies to adopt and maintain a CORI policy that is consistent with the CORI law. What will complete. The record requests completely responds database is requested and. For a position that includes a fingerprint-produced FBI background check.

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The Registry of Vital Records and Statistics retain the vital records for Massachusetts You would request. The massachusetts criminal record.

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CORI Act and the Public Records Law.

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Can I Seal my Massachusetts Criminal Case or CORI?

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We have been highly successful with the written and oral advocacy for petitions to seal criminal records, and are recognized as zealous advocates in this area of the law.

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Under most circumstances many locales won't allow a background check companies to share criminal history information that's older than seven years However some states allow a background check companies to share information that's up to 10 years old That includes a conviction felony or misdemeanor.

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