Location: 39 Trapasso Drive
Sparta, NJ 07821

Master Gardener, Phyllis Hart, is an administrator at the facility and started the program in 2001. When she became a Master Gardener she wrote an application to have it incorporated into the MG program. It was approved in 2003 and has been very successful. This program runs year-round.

Because this complex incorporates both independent living (single story units arranged in groups of two or four) and assisted living in a separate facility, it covers a large area and provides many gardening opportunities at different levels. It has personal as well as common garden areas.

The Master Gardeners work alongside the residents in planting and maintaining the gardens. A recent Eagle Scout project allows residents to garden using raised beds. A real plus is that the garden is completely fenced to keep out the critters. The vegetable beds are used for both personal and communal consumption.

In addition, this project includes several "plant-in days" where MGs work on the flower barrels and flower boxes throughout the complex. Winters find the Master Gardeners and residents working on indoor nature craft and flower projects with both horticultural enrichment components as well as educational aspects.